Towel Care

how to wash your towel

We recommend that you wash your towel before use in order for it to become absorbent as can be. One excellent technique is to soak the towel in cold water for 12 hours overnight. This helps tremendously with the absorbency. Wash it in a cool or warm temperature, and be sure to separate the lights, darks, and colors. Try your best to avoid fabric softeners and bleach, because it ruins the cotton fabric.   


After washing, you are free to choose between air drying or the dryer machine. Our towels have a special quick-drying technology, so either of the options are suitable! Over time, Turkish towels become extra absorbent after every wash. The long cotton fibers open up and allow more moisture to absorb into the towel. They also get softer with each use, as long as you take proper and consistent care of them.